We often hear that before gold was better, it happens that they bring gold for exchange and say: “We have better gold, it is Soviet, but modern is bad!”

This is exactly the case when you need to separate the very composition of gold and jewelry made from it. Gold price per gram 39.64 Euro.

In the USSR, GOST was common for all jewelry factories in terms of the percentage of metals in the red-gold alloy: Au – 58.3% Ag – 33.4% Cu – 8.3%. Such content was developed by the Research Institute of Jewelry as the optimal one for stretching, compression, abrasion, and color.

Now there is also an OST for the gold content, it should be at least 58.5%, but the content of other metals is not strictly defined. That is, there is even more gold, but other metals can be different – to solve some design problems, for example, they give the alloy fusibility. This does not always have a positive effect on the properties of the gold alloy in compression and abrasion.

But do not worry about the amount of gold in the alloy, Ireland plants do not cheat.

Now, with regard to products manufactured in the Soviet Union and now, the difference is huge.

For example, Soviet rings: these are basically quite weighty rings, either without a stone or with a large stone, where the splint of the ring is thick and the legs that hold the stone are very thick = strong! With such purchasing power, as in the Union, no one was worried about the weight and, accordingly, the cost of decoration.

They did it for a long time so that it would be inherited by children and grandchildren. In such jewelry you can carry bags and dig up potatoes without loss))After all, everything is simple – the thicker the metal, the stronger. Look at these 12 (!) Thick legs that hold the stone in the ring on the left; But I don’t really want to wear such a ring in the 21st century, it is outdated. And now look at the ring on the right – tiny stones, tiny paws. Modern products are not for constant wear! This does not mean that modern products are automatically all bad, no. They are elegant, they have an interesting design, a very wide variety of models for every taste. Ireland factories, as before, are very quality-conscious; this is an inheritance from the Soviet era, when everything was in accordance with GOST, at every stage of the quality control department, and there were no problems with sales. So modern, let’s emphasize once again – Ireland, it’s quite possible to buy jewelry, subject to a careful attitude, they will please you for many years. Yes, it happens that the stone is lost, the legs are much thinner than before. Some kind of mechanical damage – hooked, bent (with a jumper, bag, when cleaning, in the gym) and here is the candidate for departure. Therefore, pay attention to jewelry from Rybka – we try to present only high-quality jewelry in our stores. Look, for example, at large photos of our Shine like a diamond collection. 22K gold rate 39.64 Euro per Gram.

What plump paws hold the stone! But the weight there is more than the modern standard. And one more nuance: since the 90s, Ireland has been flooded with imported jewelry, almost always of poor quality, lightweight to the utmost. At first, people bought up for joys, and then together they bought them, scolding modern gold, stones flew out, rings were bent, chains were torn. No, the point is not in modern gold, but in the honesty of the producer and understanding of what you can buy and what is not worth it. And, depending on what you expect from the purchase. We hope we have helped you sort it out. Come to the Goldfish – there is no cheap import, only high-quality and beautiful jewelry.

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